Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Thread Painting The Flamingo

So now it's time to do the thread painting. To thread paint the flamingo I use mostly a zig zag stitch back and forth over the area. The zig zag stitch is set to a narrow width and short length. On my machine I use 1.5 for both of these settings. I have an open toe foot on the machine, feed dogs are up and the presser foot is in the darning position. I just go back and forth over the area. It is important to change thread colors as you move to another part of the image. You want to match the color to the bird. Overlap colors at the edges where you transition from one color to the other.

These are the threads I pulled out for this project:

They are mostly 40 weight cottons. Pam Holland says that thinner cotton threads work better, and I'm taking her advise.

So here are some in-progress photos:

I'll show what I'm going to do with the background in my next post. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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