Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Very Cool Background Fabric For My Flamingo

Tin Tile Painted Fabric

Teresa Shippy is a friend of mine, and she is well known for her tin tile workshops. She has acquired several ceiling tin tiles, and she teaches you how to use them to make printed images on fabric. This is a piece that I made in one of her workshops. I love it and I think it will be ideal for my flamingo!

If you are interested in learning more about Teresa's tin tile workshops, here is the link to Teresa's blog:

I highly recommend the workshop. It is fun and Teresa is very generous with her knowledge and materials. 

My next step in this fiber art piece is to iron the cut out flamingo on to the background, and then sandwich it for quilting. 

Here is the flamingo on the background. The reason this works so well is the flamingo is a thin shape and allows the tin tile design to be seen. Many appliques would almost completely cover the tin tile image, obstructing too much of what is interesting to me. 

I'll get it basted and then it's on to the thread painting. That I'll show in my next post. Thanks for visiting my blog! 

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