Sunday, June 30, 2019

Blue Wool Bag

I definitely do not need more bags, but I love making them so here is another addition to my collection:

The lower part of the purse is wool, and the upper is raw silk. I appliqued the wool dandelions to the body and added some embroidery stitching. The upper area has decorated with yarn that I couched.

It is lined and has a pocket inside. I put feet on the bottom and a magnetic closure. 

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I've Been On A Note Cards Binge

It's been a busy period of time for me lately. I've gone on a couple of trips, been involved with a fiber art exhibit at the Cerritos library, and have helped with a quilt show. I've also been making a few things along the way. Today I'm going to show you some note cards that I put together.

These are mixed media note cards. I painted the background and bird bodies, glued on fabric, and then did a little pen and ink work.

Birds were fun, so how about elephant note cards? I used the same techniques as described above.

And here are some Sun note cards. I've got others, but I think by now you get the picture.

These small cards are a fun way to practice mixed media techniques.

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