Saturday, February 18, 2017

Skin tone, and hair for Roy

  This piece required painting skin tone for the face and arm/hand. I painted the face, head, beard and glasses on the same single fabric piece. The arm, hand and cigar were done on a separate piece.

My preferred colors for Caucasian skin tones are yellows, browns and pink/red tones. The shadow areas are created with blues or blues mixed with reds.

Here are some in progress photos:

    Arm and hand...

and here is the face and neck.

In progress stages often aren't pretty. You just have to have faith and keep going, knowing once you get the value contrast in it will look better. Practice, practice, practice.

  This photo shows my painting palette while I was doing these pieces.

  Here is a practice piece for the glasses. I thought the reflection and eye shadows would be a little tricky, so I did a test painting first.

    The hair and beard can be seen here.  A lot of white, gray, silver and blue were used to get the look of the hair and beard.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hawaiian Shirt

Roy is wearing a Hawaiian shirt in this picture, and he has a cigar case in his pocket. To recreate that look in fabric I started with a white-on-white fabric. I laid the fabric over my line drawing and penned in the light, medium and dark value areas. I used a Frixion pen for these lines so they would easily erase with an iron. I show the fabric below with the lines. I enhanced the color of the photo so that you could see the white on white pattern.

White on white fabric is very interesting when painted. The surface white design takes the color different from the background fabric, so it shows the white on white design more prominently.

I mixed together blues, pink-reds, and other colors in the shirt and started to paint away. I didn't paint areas that would be covered by the arm or other parts. Here is an in-progress photo:

The cigar case was made using the same green fabric I used for the hat.

Here is a photo of the shirt after the painting was completed:

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Marine Hat

This post is about the hat on my "Tough Old Bird" piece. As you can see, Roy is wearing a dark hat. It is actually a Marine hat, dark green with a gold emblem in the center front. The value contrast in the photo is very interesting to look at, so it's an important part of the ensemble.  I always start with an enlarged line drawing of my subject, and that is what I am showing below.

I outlined the light areas on the hat on the line diagram to make it easier to paint later.

I chose a commercial green fabric as the base for the hat. I placed the line drawing on a light pad, and laid the green fabric over the line drawing. Using a white chalk pencil, I traced the hat outline and marked the light value areas as well.

The green fabric is lighter than the hat color, so I mixed a darker green ink with aloe vera gel and applied it to the darkest areas on the hat. The lighter areas on the hat were made by painting the area with an aloe vera gel mixture of white ink mixed with some green ink. These photos show the hat in progress.

A few paint layers later, getting darker with each layer, I ended up with the hat shown below. I added gold paint to the emblem at a later stage to make it stand out a bit more. 

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Monday, January 23, 2017

"Tough Old Bird"

"Tough Old Bird", Eileen Wintemute

This is my piece entitled "Tough Old Bird".  It was just shown at the 2017 Road to California Quilters Showcase, and it will be shown at other venues this next year. It is based on a photograph of Roy, a friend of mine.

This is the picture of Roy I based it on:

I took this photo at a July 4th gathering at a friends house, and I always thought it was interesting to look at. There is something about capturing people in normal conversation that looks so natural to me. Roy has a lot of things going on that give it character, like the hat, the beard and the cigar.

I am proud to be a member of Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists, and we decided to create an exhibit entitled "Put A Bird On It!".  We were encouraged to take a liberal view of this title, so I decided to create a piece based on my photo of Roy. After all, "tough old bird" is a form of a bird, is it not?

I am very happy with the way it turned out. It is going to be Roy's once it is done being shown by me. In my next few posts I'll show the steps used to create it.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017


I've been on a note card making binge lately. Here are some of the results.  

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Road to California!

I have two pieces in the upcoming Road to California show at the Ontario Convention Center. One piece is in the contest and the other in a special exhibit from Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists called "Put A Bird On It!". I'm proud to have of my art quilts in this show!

This is the piece in the contest - It is called "Flamingo-Flamango".


I will post pictures of the other piece after the show. Road to California starts Thursday, January 19th! I hope to see you there!

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Friday, January 13, 2017


Here are photos of a little fiber art project I recently completed. I had some machine quilted sections that were cut off of another project that I liked. I decided to cut circles out of this section and stitch beads on them to look like splashing water. The circles were mounted on small canvas squares. I painted the canvas squares black, and then connected them to each other on the backside. This allows me to stand them up together at different angles. I put some buttons on the backside to add some additional interest when you look at this piece from various angles.

Here are some more photos:



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