Friday, April 26, 2013

SAQA Auction Piece - Natures Energy Drink II

Nature's Energy Drink II
 If this looks familiar it is because I made one a few months ago for my Serendipity exchange group. That was Nature's Energy Drink I.   I wanted to make something to donate to the SAQA auction, so I decided to make a second one and send it to them. This is the finished product and it was sent off to SAQA last week.

I started this by doing a painting on fabric using Tsukeniko Inks and Inktense pencils. The fabric was already variegated, so I made that the background. I drew the image with Frixion pens. If you haven't used these, you can draw on fabric with them, they don't bleed, and the ink goes away with the heat from an iron. Next I painted the image. I mixed the inks and pencils with aloe vera gel, which is my favorite fabric painting method.

painting before quilting

Once the painting was done I sandwiched it and did the machine quilting. You can see the details of the quilting here and in the top photo. After the quilting I added eyelash yarn, and did a satin stitch on two of the edges. The final step was beading on the flowers and around the beak of my hummingbird. I hope someone likes it well enough to purchase it at the auction!

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Beading Detail

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Transects In Time

This art quilt was previously referred to as "Lithologic Landscape" and has now been renamed "Transects In Time". I am glad to report that it is finished and delivered to it's new owner. It will hang in the Regional Water Quality Control Board office in San Luis Obispo.

The Regional Water Quality Control Board is charged with protecting the waters of the State of California and this art quilt shows the breadth of their responsibility. It depicts common human activities, some of which have the potential to impact the subsurface soils or groundwater, or surface waters such as lakes.  Surface activities include commercial businesses (diners, dry cleaners, shoe store, sporting goods, bakery, gas station, etc.), recreational lake usage, oil storage, farming, and residential use. A cross-section of the subsurface is also shown. In this depiction, one of the oil storage tanks has a leak that has impacted the subsurface.  A groundwater well has been installed to monitor this leak. One commercial business, a dry cleaner, also has a release to the subsurface.

Different fabrics have been assigned to represent various soil types including sand, silty-sand, silt, clay and bedrock. The leaks are made with beading on the fabrics. The oil leak uses yellow-orange beads and the dry cleaner leak uses red-orange beads. The shape of the beading is intended to be similar to how the chemicals would travel through the subsurface.

oil spill leak and well

dry cleaner leak

A variety of fibers are used to represent different subsurface lithologic layers, including velvets, cottons and metallic/poly blends. Surface features are made primarily with cotton fabric, with tulle overlay in some areas. Embroidery and beading are used through-out to add details.  The landscape has been mounted on black quilted fabric. The overall size is approximately 28" x 48". It was a fun challenge and its very satisfying to have it done.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Budding Artist

This is artwork my niece Megan made for me. She loves making artwork and plans to be an artist when she grows up. I'm planning to start collecting her work now.

I love the incorporation of texting symbols in a 3-D fashion, as well as her use of vibrant colors. Keep your eye on this girl, she's got talent!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mellow Yellow is Done!

Mellow Yellow
My delphinium piece is finished and here it is. I am calling it "Mellow Yellow". It is one of eight pieces in a traveling exhibit called "Delphinium Field" created by Artistic Expressions, an art group I am a member of. This exhibit will travel to all of the Mancuso quilt show and events this next year. I have a link to the Artistic Expressions blog on this page. If you click on it you can get the travel schedule for the exhibit and see the entire collection of delphinium themed fiber art pieces.

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