Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Diva In The Making - Finished!

I'm going to finish up this project with this post. I have other projects I want to move on to on this blog. I am calling this "Diva in the Making". You can see here that I added butterflies and a shadow under her feet. I have added some detailed shots below that show a couple more features in close up. 


It was a fun project! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Friday, November 11, 2016

And now for the jeans...

This little cutie has on some hippie style jeans - decorations on the side seam and lower edge, and a cute tied belt. I have some blue jean fabric that has flowers in the design and thought it would be perfect for those jeans. Here you see it with my first idea for a tied belt.

I love the fabric for these jeans, and the pink belt would have been cute, but I already knew the background color I was going to use was a brown, and I wanted something that would work with brown better. So I ended up using this blue fabric. This started as a white fabric that had brown embroidery in it. I used textile paints and made it blue. It's been in my stash for quite some time waiting for the right art quilt to come along.

I wanted the creases on the jeans to be visible, so I used a white Inktense pencil to make them stand out more.

Here's what it looks like all put together:

I'll talk about the background in my next posts. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Diva's Top

This is the photo that is my inspiration for this piece. I wanted to make the top and jeans very similar to that shown in the photo. For the top, I used a polka dot white on white fabric, shown here:

top fabric
I placed the fabric over my full size drawing, on top of a light table, and traced the outline of the top on the fabric.  I also drew in the lines made by creases and wrinkles in the top. My next step was painting the shadows on the top using ink and aloe vera gel. This is what it looked like when I was finished:

painted top
I used blue for my shadows because it coordinated well with the blue jeans and sunglasses. 
The top fabric was a bit see through and I did not want to be able to see the background fabric through it, so I lined it with a tan solid cotton fabric. It worked as a perfect lining for this fabric.

My next post will be about the blue jeans. Thanks for visiting my blog!