Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Urban Graffiti - "The Krew"

This post is about my Urban Graffiti art quilt.  I've decided to call it "The Krew". I understand that "krew" is the name and spelling that taggers use. So that's what I'm calling it.

My last post was about painting the clothes. Today I'm going to talk about painting the wall, graffiti and ground surface.

For the graffiti I used an orange Jacquard textile paint.

 I put it on in a way to make the strokes visible and going in different directions, or to leave bits of white fabric showing through.

The three dimensional part of the letters was painted dark blue. I used inks for that area.

 I outlined the letters with black or dark blue pens and paint.

The ground surface was painted in the same ochre that I used for the clothes.  I mixed some white with the ochre to give lighter value areas. Likewise I added shading around the shoes for depth.

After the lettering was done I painted the wall behind it. I selected a gray color. The gray paint I used was an ink. I mixed it with aloe-vera gel and white opaque Setacolor paint to lighten the value of it.  Here is the wall color:

I left some of the white showing through to give a mottled appearance.

You can see the overall look in these last two photos. Now its on to the quilting stage!

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