Friday, June 12, 2015

Painting Flesh Tones

The Urban Graffiti piece has five kids in it, and its time to paint them!  I'm starting with the skin tones.

For Caucasian skin tones I mix together the following Tsukeniko inks: 

95 Tuscan Beige
53 Autumn Leaf
92 Red Delicious
18 Ultramarine

inks used for fleshtones

I do a few different mixtures, some with light values, some with more reddish tones, some with more brown tones. It all depends on the coloring of the person and the lighting or shadows. 

I apply the mixtures going from light to medium values. For dark values/shadows I mix the medium reddish colors with dark blues. 

Here are some pictures of the painting of the flesh tones in progress.


flesh tones

blue used in shadow areas

To add some fine line details around the eyes, lips and nose I used a black micron pen. I got that tip from Deborah Stanley (thanks Deborah!)

micron pen details


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