Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On to the Clothes

before painting the clothes

They look kind of stark without color in their clothes, don't they?

To paint the clothes I start off with a lighter to medium value of the color I want the clothes to be. While the paint is still wet I will wipe out the lightest value areas to remove some of the paint. That helps to give you highlights and a three dimensional look. Once the light and medium values are painted I put in darker values in the shaded areas. For the darker values I mix dark blue and/or black with the paint color. The last step is to go back and add some highlights using white mixed with the color of the clothes. I used Jacquard paints for most of the clothes.  

Here you can see a green shirt painted with medium values and the lighter areas wiped out.

To the left you what it looks like with some of the shading added. It really starts to give it a three dimensional look.

Here is a photo of shorts that gives a good example of the importance of shading:

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  1. This is going to be an outstanding work of art. Your explanation on how you applied color to achieve dimension is very clear and the showing of examples along the course of painting add to this clarity. Can't wait to see this work completed. It will definitely be a winner.