Friday, June 19, 2015

Painting Hair

Next steps for “Urban Graffiti” piece: the hair

Most of the kids have brown hair, with the exception of one blondy in the group. I painted the blond hair first, because I knew I needed to put blond highlights on the brown hair before I put in the darker values.

blond hair

For the blond hair I used mixtures of white and yellow ochre, some lighter and some medium values. Browns were used in the darker areas of the blond hair for shadow areas and depth.

brown hair

I mixed brown hair color from the flesh tones and some other darker/reddish colors and made various shades of brown hair. The autumn leaf color used in the flesh tones helped to make the browns richer looking. I tried to make sure there were highlights and loose ends sticking out from the hats so it didn’t look like a helmet.

On to the clothes...

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