Monday, January 29, 2018

City Scape - Adding Oil Paint Stick

   I  decided to add some color to the background and foreground. I used oil paint sticks for this. Oil paint sticks are just that, oil paint in a stick or fat pencil like shape. The oil paint is a solid, not something that you would be able to squeeze out of the tube. You apply it by scraping the oil stick with a stiff brush and then brushing the oil paint on the fabric, or you can rub the fabric with the stick directly. I do it both ways. I use a stiff paint brush to spread the oil paint around on the fabric. I used a combination of dark and light blue and pale yellow on the background areas. I always let the oil paint set or cure for three days before I do anything else with the fiber art piece I am working on. Below are progress photos showing the stages of the tie scape as I added the paint.

   This is the way it ended up. On my next post I'll show you the next steps for this project. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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