Sunday, July 23, 2017

Face and Hair - Painting

To the right is the photograph of the little girl whose face I am painting. Below you see three stages of the painted process. You can see the lines I have put in to guide my painting. The dotted or dashed lines indicate softer edges for color transitioning. The marker I use is removed with ironing, so it does not show up on the final painting.

One of the points I am making with this post is that painting a face is often creepy. The image looks weird and unnatural until you get all of the values (light, medium and dark) in place.

In the early stages of painting a face I often look at the image and think, "Oh this is not going to work out, I'll probably have to repaint this one".  But by the time I get to the end it is OK. So my advice is, hang in there and get through the creepy stage before you make any judgments.

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