Friday, October 30, 2015

Shadows and Outlines

In my last post I talked about getting ready for thread painting. I'm going to give a couple more bits of information about this in this post.

First - did you notice the dark blue shadows under the rooster? How about the dark blue outlining around parts of the rooster?

The outlining is a technique that Pam used on her Wolf and she wanted us to use it on our images. I think it was absolutely necessary here in the areas where the rooster colors were close in value to the background fabrics. It made those areas stand out where they otherwise would have disappeared. The blue fabric had fusible on the back of it and it was cut in thin sections in the shape of the rooster outline. It was slipped behind the cotton inked fabric before the rooster was fused to the background.

The shadow pieces were added by me to "ground" the rooster. I didn't want it just floating in space. After the shadows and outlines were added, the top, batting, and backing fabric were sandwiched and pin basted.

I think the outlining technique is a good one and well worth remembering for other fiber art pieces.

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