Friday, October 23, 2015

Rooster Background

Completed Rooster

The background for the Rooster was made using Cherry Wood fabrics. If you aren't familiar with them, they are made of cotton but have a suede like appearance. They aren't sold locally. I have to buy them at Road to California, or order them on-line.  I took the lead from on the background design from Pam's Wolf piece.

After the background was pieced it was time to get ready to thread paint. The first step is to take a piece of white cotton fabric, trace your design on it and then paint it with Tsukeniko inks. The white background fabric is spritzed with water so that the inks spread out in a watercolor fashion. The idea is just to put the colors you want to thread paint in the places on the design. The colors act as a guide for stitching, and help to fill in an area that isn't completely covered with thread.

After the ink dries you put fusible on the back of the painted fabric, cut out the image and fuse it to your background fabric. You can see this step below:

painted image

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