Friday, October 16, 2015

Rooster - Thread Painting

Thread Painted Rooster

Before heading to Asilomar I prepared my drawing and color plan for the Rooster I was hoping I would be able to make in class. Pam sent out an email indicating that we could make something other than the wolf a few weeks before the class, so I had time to prepare for this.

I had some photos of roosters that I had taken at a Farmer's Market in Arroyo Grande. These are some of the photos:

The middle photo is the one I used for the drawing of the Rooster I wanted to make. I added a bit to the tail and comb, but its mostly from that rooster. Here is my rooster drawing:


The next step is selecting colors. Pam suggested we use Cherry Wood fabrics. I purchased a packet of those at Road to California, so that was my basis for the colors of the Rooster and background. Below is a photo of my color plan for the rooster that I brought to class:

color plan

So that was my start. I'll show more of the making of this in my next posts. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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