Friday, May 29, 2015


Today I'm posting the next steps in the making of my Urban Graffiti piece. Today's post is about adding the graffiti.

This is the sketch version of the photo I am using. I want to add some graffiti to the wall behind the kids. The first step was figuring out what I wanted the graffiti to say. Since these are in reality kids trying to look tough, and not real thugs, I wanted the word I used to not be too menacing. I decided that they kind of looked like they might be hanging out and one of their friends walks up to join them and they say “What’s Up?” in a very cool manner. So my graffiti will be “W’SUP?”. Now to write this in a graffiti-like manner…

I went to Google Images and found some graffiti alphabet images. I chose a style that I liked

 and mimicked it to write the word “W’SUP?”.  Here is the graffiti version of it:

I then had this enlarged to fit the dimensions of the piece so I could trace it to the fabric on the wall behind the kids. I'll have to show you that in a later post. In the meantime, thanks for visiting my blog!

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