Monday, September 15, 2014

Moon Shadows - Transfer Image to Background

As I showed in my last post, the design for "Moon Shadows" is shown below. This design is sketched to scale since I know it needs to be accurate when I enlarge it.

Moon Shadows Design

My desired finished size is 3 feet by 4 feet, portrait orientation. I took my “to-scale” drawing to Fed-Ex Office and used their large format printer to make the full size drawing. I have a projector, but I find it easier and more accurate to just go to Fed-Ex. They charge about $0.75 per square foot printed. For the time it saves me, and more accurate representation, the cost is well worth it. I say more accurate representation because sometimes the image lines are blurry using a projector and the sizes of features change a bit. Plus I don’t have to wait until dark to get it done, like I do with my projector. Here is the full size enlargement:

enlarged design

Once I have my full size print, I transfer the image to the black background fabric. I had planned to use a heavier black fabric that had a lot of texture to it, but I found that I couldn't see through it with the light pad, so I switched to this black cotton.

black fabric

I pinned the fabric to the print in a few places and then laid it over the light pad. I used a chalk pencil to draw the image onto the black fabric.  Here you see me drawing it to the fabric and the enlargement under the fabric. 

tracing the image

Here is the image drawn on the fabric.

image transferred

I'm ready for the next step, which is couching yarn. That will be my next post...

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  1. Your concept drawing is superb. Thank you so much for the tip about having the drawing enlarged and also for providing cost estimates.