Monday, September 29, 2014

Blog Hop!!!!

Well this is my first foray into the Blog Hop-o-sphere, and I have Deborah Stanley to thank for inviting me. The blog hop theme is “sharing our art and creative process”. I am an artist whose primary media is fiber, but I also do watercolor painting and mixed media work. I am a member of several fiber art groups including Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists, SAQA, Textures, and Quilts on the Wall. I use my blog to show the fiber art pieces I make and how I make them. I believe in giving useful technique information to the blog reader so they get a benefit from reading my blog.

First I want to acknowledge Deborah Stanley who has been a wonderful artistic friend whose support has helped me improve as a fiber artist. She is extremely generous in her support of other artists. I’m lucky to know her. Deborah does beautiful work and I find her human forms and portraiture exceptional. You can see it for yourself by visiting her blog:

What am I working on? These last few months have been extremely busy creatively. It seems like every group has a deadline in September or October this year. I have been working on several fiber art works simultaneously. Projects I have been working on include:

Moon Shadows” for Quilts on the Wall’s “Shadows” exhibit, shown here:

A “Bonsai” piece for the Texture’s Fiber Arts Merc show. This piece is based on a water color painting I have done. The painting is shown here:

And, a piece for Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists exhibit called “My Inner Self Portrait” (detail shown here):

Sorry to be coy by only showing a detail shot or the water color painting, but I’m not permitted to display the entire pieces until the shows. The "Bonsai" will debut at the Merc show which is the first weekend in October, so I’ll be showing that one soon on my blog. The “My Inner Self Portrait” Exhibit will debut at Road to California 2015. I will show it in late January.

I am also working on a piece for the City of Temecula through the Textures group. It is a group project, and the part I am working on involves a depiction of the City Hall buildings. This will be presented in December. Here is a photo of the City Hall buildings that I am working from:

How does my work differ?   It's made by me! Its the only work out there that is made by me! That plus, I have many nature and fishing themed pieces, and I use more than one approach to making quilts, so my quilts don’t all look alike. I have some that are fabric collage, some that are painted and have a watercolor look, and some that are a combination of techniques.

Why do I create? Because I am a creative person and I can’t stop myself. If you are creative you know what I mean. I have ants in my pants to go and work on a creative project. It’s just who I am!

My process is? I show this regularly on my blog and it’s too long to describe here. So I will put in a simplified description: 1) create a sketch; 2) enlarge the sketch to the desired size; 3) put the sketch on the background fabric; 4) use paint or fabric to create the image on the background. For more details please see my past and future posts!

Next blogger in the hop: I am inviting Nicole Morris and Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists to be next in the blog hopping.

Nicole Morris is  a good friend and blogger. She does very stunning quilts and always seems to have a creative approach to her quilt making. She often comes up with unique methods to simplify a technique. She is also a teacher and great techie! She has taught me many tricks on the computer! You can see Nicole’s blog by clicking on this link:
Nicole's blog

Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists is a group I belong to. They are a group of fiber artists whose work is stunning. You can check them out by clicking on this link: Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  1. I very much enjoyed your blog post today. I particularly loved your answer to how your work is different. Yes! You create it. Very good.