Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trailhead Area and Foreground

Constructing the Palm Canyon Art Quilt

Today I’m showing details of the trailhead area and foreground. Plenty of rocks were used in the making of this area, as well as shrubs and desert trees. I selected a variety of fabrics for these features, and I thread painted to depict weeds. Since the rocks were small and some of the fabrics had a potential to fray, I used Fray Block around the edges. These photos show the work in progress.

The horse’s body was made with ultra-suede. I love the textures it gave to the horse. I picked the color to match the color of the horse owned by the woman that commissioned this quilt. I painted the shadow side of the rider’s body and horse to give it more dimension. The tail was made using embroidery floss. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. Very little grooming required J.

I painted the trailhead sign and backed it with wool to make it stand off the surface a bit. The sign legs were made using the same fabric used for the palm tree trunks.

Next post will be the subsurface!  Be ready to get dirty!

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