Sunday, July 20, 2014

Palm Canyon is Finished!

This series of blog posts describes the process I used to make the commissioned Palm Canyon art quilt shown below.  Today’s post describes the finishing of this art quilt. Prior steps are shown in my previous posts.

Finishing Palm Canyon

Well it's taken a while, but this is the final post for the making of this quilt. Whew!

Because this was a larger quilt (3 feet by 4 feet) with a lot of appliqué pieces, I did my quilting stitching as I went along. The quilting stitching served to hold down the appliqué pieces so they wouldn’t fall off or shift as I moved to the next area. I used a variety of stitches across the quilt. These photos show some of the stitching that I used, and some finishing touches like beads and french knots.

thread painting

French knots on trees

beading at bottom of waterfall

I stitched some animal shapes in the larger spaces in the subsurface, like lizards, rabbits, tortoises, etc. This photo shows a lizard I stitched into a beige fabric piece.

lizard stitched into beige fabric

After all the quilting was done I squared it up, and sewed on a binding to the edge.  Next came the naming of the quilt and making a label. I let the client choose the name, and she selected “Joyful Solitude” because that is the feeling she gets when riding her horse back in the canyon. What a nice thought! Here is the label I made for the quilt back.

My last steps were blocking and photographing.  I am pleased to say the client was very happy with it and has hired me to make another custom piece for her. She was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to another interesting fiber art project!

My next posts are going to be about tips and quilting favorites. Thanks for visiting my blog! 

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  1. Following your creative process has been like taking a hike into Palm Canyon. Thanks for unveiling this art as you created it. It's is a striking work of fiber and quilted art.