Sunday, February 17, 2013

Selecting Delphinium Fabrics

fabric palette
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I'm still focused on my Delphinium project, and  now its time to pick the fabrics for the rest of the piece. I've got 5 pots/pitchers, background fabric and the table top that all need fabric choices.

I store my fabrics by color in plastic bins and I place them vertically so I can easily see the edge of each fabric. This way I find what I am looking for without removing a whole stack of fabric. That is the theory at least behind the plan. The reality is a bit messier, but you get the picture, I hope.

Anyway, with my color plan in mind, I pulled out my beige, yellow, and brown fabric  bin and started to rummage through it for brownish reds for the pots and pitchers. I want something that looks a bit different for each of the 5 earthenware pieces. I have a nice Cherrywood reddish brown fabric that I have been wanting to use for some time. That fabric and a couple more printed browns should work for the pots.

On to the blue and green bin for the background wall fabric. The color plan is a blueish green, but I found a piece of fabric that leans more towards green than blue that I thought looked good with the other colors. It is a strange textile that has machine embroidered designs and sequins. I think it is used for Sari's, but I loved the way it looked and have wanted to use it for some time. So, that is the background wall fabric.

The color plan had another blue green for the table top, but that didn't look so great in real life. I chose a raw silk cream color fabric instead. I will add some blue green ribbony curlicues to it to tie the whole color plan together. The foreground fabric has the curlicues in it so I plan to cut those out and "apply".

The stripe at the top is what I am planning to use for the binding. It pulls all the colors together, I think. Next step - cutting out the pots and doing some painting to them to make them look three dimensional.

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