Monday, February 4, 2013

Delphinium Art Quilt Initial Planning

 As I mentioned before, I am making an art quilt using the theme of "Delphiniums" for a group exhibit. The group is Artistic Expressions and you can find a link to the group's blog at this site. There will be eight of us making pieces based on our individual interpretations of the theme. We have varied the colors of the flowers to give the exhibit additional interest, and I chose the color yellow. I have since learned that there really aren't true yellow delphiniums (at least I can't find photos of them), so I had to take some artistic license with my piece. Fortunately my artistic license was recently renewed so I won't be breaking any laws.

To the left you see a close up of a delphinium stem. I used this and a couple of other delphinium photos to give me some ideas for my sketch. I like to do still life's with flowers and pots, so I did a few sketches and came up with the drawing shown below for my plan.

I selected some pitchers and pots from my own collection and other sketches I have made.  Then I put flowers in a few of them, and went from there. I am a collector of pitchers, so its always nice when I can include them in a painting or art quilt. It helps to justify the next pitcher purchase, you know what I mean? Now its on to the color plan, which I'll show in the next post.
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