Monday, February 11, 2013

Flower Painting

 I was given a piece of hand dyed yellow fabric from Teresa Shippy and Deborah Stanley to use somewhere in my delphinium piece. I decided to use it as the background for the flowers in the pots. You see it to the left.

I drew the outline of my flowers that will go in the pots on the yellow fabric with a color pencil. I used a light peach color because I figured that it would blend with the flowers and be visible enough for me while painting.

I used Tsukeniko inks, and Setacolor paints for most of the color. I also used Inktense pencils for some of the details and darker colors. I like to mix my paints and inks with aloe vera gel because it gives me control and avoids bleeding through the fabric. Painting this way reminds me of oil painting on a canvas.

I have shown a few photos of the flowers to the left so you can see some of the detail.

Once I finish the bouquet paintings I'll show it to you. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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