Sunday, March 3, 2013

Delphinium Pots

I'm still busy working on my Delphinium piece. To the right you see a close up of the pots. I chose three different brown/sienna colored fabrics to make the five pots/pitchers.

Three of the fabrics were painted before the pot shapes were cut out to give them a little variation in appearance.  I used setacolor paints for this mixed with a little bit of aloe vera gel.

After the pot shapes were cut out I used paints to add some shading and highlights so they had some three dimensionality. I thought I needed to do this since the flowers have a more realistic appearance.
I have placed the cut-out of the flowers on the pots to get a feel for the appearance, and added a little  blue green curlicue that I am going to add to the piece at the end.

Here is a close up of the pitcher showing the painting I have done on the lip, handle and side for highlights, and the darker paint I used inside the lip.