Saturday, January 26, 2013

Delphinium Exhibit In the Making

Artistic Expressions is a fiber art group that I belong to. We all come from different artistic backgrounds, but have fiber art as a common thread (pun intended) between us. We meet regularly to share our works, ideas, struggles and experiences. Our meetings are very inspirational to me and I come away from them all fired up to go home and create something!
We are currently preparing an exhibit that will travel around the country beginning later this year. The exhibit is entitled "Delphiniums", and we are all at various stages of completion on our projects. Shown here are three of the works, two in progress and one completed. Deborah Stanley's piece is the first one shown. She is doing a fine job of hiding behind it, but you can see her fingers, so you know it's her. Anyway,  she painted on canvas to create the striated background, and then created beautiful three dimensional flowers using a variety of fabric types. It looks great!
The second piece was completed by Linda Friedman, and you can see her holding it here. Linda is ahead of the rest of us, since her piece is completely done! What an over-achiever! Linda painted the leaves on the background and created her dimensional flowers from a variety of lavender and purple fabrics. They come right off the background and make you want to reach out and touch them. For her finishing touch she added a butterfly and caterpillar to her piece. It is gorgeous. 


This is my delphinium in progress. I am holding it here. I painted the flowers and pots using Tsukeniko inks and Inktense pencils. I got some good feedback from my fellow Artistic Expressions members and have some changes in mind. Nothing is stitched down yet, and I have a lot of work to do, but it's a good start. I'll be posting more about this as time goes by.


  1. The fabric painting you did on this piece is outstanding, as is your overall approach to the theme.