Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Distant Neighborhood

distant neighborhood

In the lithologic landscape there is a distant neighborhood in the background at the base of the hills. It has houses, trees and shrubs. You can see it depicted above in the photograph. The scale of the features in this area is smaller than the "town", but  I wanted to give this area even more of an appearance of being far away. In the real world, objects at a distance have a muted appearance due to the water moisture in the atmosphere. That is the look I wanted to create in this area of the landscape.

To create the water moisture atmospheric effect I decided to cover the buildings with tulle. I used an orange tulle that muted the colors used for the buildings and trees. The tulle has some shimmery quality in it, which adds a nice effect when you look at the area close up. Below you can see the same area muted by the tulle. 
To add the tulle, I laid a large piece over the buildings and shrubs and stitched around it. Then I clipped the excess tulle away. It was a pretty fast way to get the look I was after.
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