Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Changing the color of the road

In my last post I talked about using tulle to mute the distant neighborhood. This time I am going to show you the improvement in the road color that came from tulle.  The roads were made using a primarily black fabric. I thought this looked a bit harsh next to the other fabrics. It almost looked like a dried lava field instead of a road!
 I was using the orange  tulle to cover the neighborhood and I noticed that it gave the black a nicer dark-brownish appearance. It seemed more road like to me, so, once again, I sewed the same orange tulle on the roads. I am going to embroider some lines down the center of the road to give the appearance of lane dividers, and that should really help make it look road like, I think.  In these photographs you can see the before and after for the road.

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