Monday, June 5, 2017

Another Great Attitude!

I have been working on a series of art quilts depicting people showing "attitude". I'm always on the look out for people standing in a pose that says something about confidence, sassiness, or "I've got something on my mind".  I try to get a picture if I can right then and there.

Another one of my sources for photos of people with attitude is from friends and family.  I spotted the photo shown below on a friends Facebook page.  The friend is the Mother of the little girl shown. I love the combination of clothes and confidence shown by the little girl in her "look". I got permission from my friend to use her photo, and I have made an art quilt inspired by it.  I'm going to show the making of this art quilt in my next few posts. For today, however, I'm just going to show the photo that inspired me.

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