Saturday, January 17, 2015


I am sometimes asked where I get my inspiration for art quilts. I find inspiration in many places, including art museums. It helps to go to see an art exhibit a few times each year and just take in how others are depicting their view of the world and beauty. I recently went to see the Muzeo Museum and Cultural Arts Center quilt exhibit in Anaheim. They have several traditional and art quilts on display. I enjoyed looking at this and found inspiration in several pieces on display. Here are some examples:

These are photos from a coxcomb traditional quilt. I have always loved this pattern. Seeing this inspires me to make my own coxcomb design and then make a fiber art piece from it.

This is an art quilt by Linda Anderson. I love many things about this piece, but for the first time I noticed the echoing of the figure she has done. I love finding additional surprises on closer examination. This inspires me to go work on the current art quilt in my studio and add some surprises of my own.

This is a traditional quilt made from a cotton sateen, I think. It had the appearance of silk, but was called cotton. This quilt has given me the idea of using sateen in place of silks when I want a sheen. It had a very striking appearance, and is probably easier to work with.

These are just a few examples of where inspiration can come from by looking at other's work. I hope you are inspired now too!

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  1. Eileen, your post really rang a bell with me. Yes, inspiration is all around if we just keep our eyes open. Thanks for the clue about cotton sateen. Silks and satins are, indeed, tricky to work with. Not only are they very slippery but they tend to fray very easily.