Friday, January 9, 2015

Finishing Up An Old Project

I started as a traditional quilter and then found my way to art quilting. But, I still have some UFOs from my traditional days. Some of these are not worth finishing, but there are a few that are close to done and I still have hopes for completion. This project is one of those that I forced myself to finish this last fall.

It is a Lynn Mann design that I learned in a class with her. I believe it is called Plaid Madness. I love the design, but my piecing left a lot to be desired. I did the piecing a long time ago, before I learned how to match seams. I'm still not a great piecer, but I have improved.

Nevertheless, this top was pieced and partly quilted. I put myself on restriction in order to finish it. I was not allowed to do any thing else until I got this done. And now that it is done, I am happy to have it draping over my chair. I plan to use it as a blanket and not worry about ever showing it.

It was made completely by machine, including stitching down the binding. It's a nice feeling to have that out of the way. Thanks for visiting my blog!


  1. I'm envious! Wish my UFOs were so nice. If they were, I might finish them. I'll just bet that as you use this to cuddle up in, it will become one of your favorites.