Monday, November 25, 2013

Side Bars!

Miami Blues - Adding the sides

The center 1/3 of this piece was laying in my UFO pile when I decided I wanted to finish something for the QOTW "Blues" challenge. I pulled this out and measured it. Luckily it was just about the right height but needed sides and a side design to go with the quilt.

I found more of the navy blue velveteen fabric used for some of the buildings in my stash and sewed pieces on for the sides and bottom. I had also used this in strips around the city and reflection, so it helped to tie things together.

The side design had to tie in with Miami, so palm trees seemed a natural. I used home decor sample fabrics for the palm trees, with some of the "specialty" gauzy fabric as well.  I also remember lots of  causeways over water in Florida, so I added some stitching to suggest that behind the palms.

I finished it by sandwiching and quilting the whole thing. The center had already been quilted, so it "pouf-ed out" a bit with the second layer of batting behind it. I liked that look and only did light stitching to prevent sagging in that area.  No one liked a sagging city, after all.  I met my deadline and got another city scape for my series completed. Its a nice feeling!  Now for my next project...

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  1. This is really nice, Eileen. I like the way you have used a variety of fabrics to make this quilt pop.