Monday, November 18, 2013


Lately I've been posting about how I made my Miami Blues art quilt. As I described last time,  I started with a quilted 12" x 12" city scape. That piece is the main focal point of the quilt to the left.  
The 12" x 12"  "mini" was in my pile of small quilts waiting to be finished or incorporated into something larger. 

I wanted this to be part of my city scape series, but thought it needed to have a bit more to it. So what to do? What to do???? How about adding a reflection????

I didn't have any more of the background fabric used for the sky, so I found a denim print in my stash that I used for the reflection background. I cut building shapes from the same fabric I used for the "mini" or other fabric that looked pretty close.  I wasn't worried about making it exactly the same since it is a reflection and therefore is expected to be distorted. Just a suggestion of the same shapes, size and color would suffice.

Once I got the reflected buildings in place I covered them with strips of a loosely woven fabric I get at Joanne's called "specialty fabric". It is in the bridal fabric area. I have purchased pieces of this in just about every color they carry. It has a sparkling quality, does not fray, and is semi-transparent. I have found many uses for it in my art quilts and find it often is a good substitute for Angelina fibers, but is much easier to use. I have included a close up of this fabric below. 

I was satisfied with the appearance of the reflection and of all the features on this quilt, that is the one most commented on. 

So I added a bit of border stripping and it was not about 23" x 15". I wasn't really sure if that was all I wanted to do, so back to the UFO pile to wait for further inspiration. 

Next post - adding side bars....

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