Sunday, March 17, 2013

Delphiniums - Putting the Top Together

Raw silk foreground
Its a good feeling when you have the top figured out and get to the stage where you are now stitching pieces down. In my mind I tell myself I am now "on the machine" when I am at this point in a project. It is usually down hill from here, emphasis on "usually".

I often use the machine applique stitching as part of the machine quilting stitching, but in this case I am going to satin stitch around the pots to give them a smoother edge before I sandwich the quilt. I am going to do this because satin stitching through all the quilt layers sometimes is a bit cumbersome and doesn't always give me a clean look.

Sheer foreground fabric
Above you see a photo with the various parts of this art quilt layed against the background and a piece of beige raw silk that I am going to use as table top. I love the rough look of this raw sik, but was concerned about too much white going off the bottom of the page, so to speak.

I had a sheer gauzy companion fabric to the sari background fabric that I used and decided to lay it in the foreground. I love the way it adds a bit of the same blue green elsewhere in the piece. This fabric is the source of my curlicues too, so it all seems to work well together. At least to my eye! Now for the stitching down process!

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