Saturday, July 14, 2012

Showing Variation with Black and White

 I'm still writing about how I made my Black and White Desert piece. I show the "value" plan on the left next to the original sketch. As I said previously, I will use different black and white prints to give value change, and solids with different textures and sheens to give more variation.  This is important when your color palette is so limited.

Below is the background of the piece. The sky was made from a silky white fabric and the large hills in the back are black velvet. The velvet does a great job giving weight and the feeling of a large massive hill in the background.

All the prints are black and white cottons. The large dark hill on the right front is a heavy upholstery fabric with a lot of texture. This gives more interest when you are looking at the piece closely. The small black area closest to the front is a black silky fabric.   Not shown here are the barrel cacti that I put on the front. For those I used white corduroy. Quilting is not just about cotton prints anymore!

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