Friday, July 20, 2012

Black and White Foreground Features

 Here are some more photos of the Black and White Desert piece when it was in progress.

These are the barrel cacti that I made from white corduroy. I have used a Frixion pen to mark the quilting stitching lines I will put in. I put a thin piece of batt behind the cacti to make them less see through and add some depth.
Here are the other cacti/plants during construction:

For this plant I placed black and white striped fabric over a solid white background piece. It gave the
 variation that I was looking for.
This is another cactus plant. I made it using a variety of prints layered together. These pieces were secured to the background with free motion quilting stitches. Going around each of these pieces was certainly not easy. I had to keep checking for areas that I had missed since they overlapped each other.

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  1. Hey Eileen, I love seeing the progress of this quilt. The different patterns in the fabric are subtle but effective. Really give depth to the objects. Can' wait to see more ;]