Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Try out new techniques on small projects...

Sometimes it is fun to do some small things and test out techniques or ideas. This is a postcard sized art quilt that I call "Light as a Feather".  I made it for the Sisters, Oregon Wish Project fundraiser. This fundraiser benefits cancer patients in Central Oregon. This will be mailed in so it can be sold  to benefit this cause. I made this quilt by negative painting feathers using oil paint sticks, machine quilting, and beading.

You can learn more about the Wish Project by clicking on the link below.

Wish Project


  1. I love it! You could actually finish this in a reasonable amount of time.
    Love the fabric on this, did you paint that?

  2. The original fabric was a black and white print. I painted around the feathers with oil paint sticks. Thanks for asking!

  3. Well, I must say the Shell Seeker quilt is my favorite!

    Love you! Thea and Shannon!

  4. I love your negative space idea and execution. What a wonderful piece!