Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunflower in Vase Fiber Art Piece, first in a series

 I like to work on  things in a series. One of the watercolor paintings in my gallery is of a sunflower in a vase. I have always wanted to do this as a fiber art piece, and decided to make a series of fiber art pieces based on this painting.

My first step was to trace the primary lines from my painting and then make enlargements of this tracing so I had various sizes to choose from.

Next I trace the painting onto fabric using an iron erasable pen.
A trapunto layer of batting
This fabric has my tracing on it. I wanted to give the vase a little loft, so I put a fluffy layer of batting behind it and sewed around the edge of the image. I then trimmed all the batting outside of the sewn edge. This is a form of trapunto.

Next I layered the trapunto'd top with batting and a back and pin basted it.

starting the thread painting
Here I have started my thread painting of the image on fabric. I have a bit more to do, and I will make a new post once it is further along.


  1. Wow you are doing that freehand? on machine? So you have to change colors each time? or does your machine do more than one color? Sorry so many questions, I'm intrigued.. Very nice by the way ;]

  2. Hi Nicole,
    I do have to change colors each time on my machine. It is time consuming, but I have 3 different quilts going at the same time and I try to use the same color on each one, then change to a new color and use it on all three. Am I actually saving time that way? I don't know!