Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Constructing the Peacock's Tail

In this post I'm going to show how I made the peacock's tail.  The peacock's tail in my photo can be seen through, so I wanted to create that kind of effect.

There was also an iridescent quality in the feathers that I was hoping to mimic with fabric.

I looked at yarns with a glittery thread in them, as well as fabrics. I decided to use a combination of sheer fabrics. I used organza and what JoAnn's fabric calls "specialty fabrics". These are found in the bridal area.

The photo below shows the start of putting down strips of these fabrics.

I needed a combination of light, medium and dark strips. Here is another in-progress photo of the tail.

I just kept working at it to give it a full appearance. Once the tail pieces were in place, I glue tacked them down and then machine quilted through them. The peacock is almost done at this point. My next post will be the final photos and details. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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