Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It's Easier the Second Time Around!

I never appreciated before how much easier it is to make an art quilt when the design is already done. I didn't have to spend time on sketching to decide on the design, I just had to pull out my drawing and have it enlarged to my desired finished size, which was about 18" x 22". I also knew already what colors the various design elements were going to be, so there was nothing to figure out there either. This art quilt is made from 90% black and white fabrics and 10% gold toned fabrics. I rummaged through my fabric stash bins and found almost all of the original fabrics that I had used previously. I show the fabrics I pulled from my stash below:

I needed to piece the black and white background first. It required a white sky, and black or black/white hills and foreground.

I cut out the various sections and glued them to a piece of white muslin. The photos below show some of this work:

Here you see me in the process of gluing a layer down:

 You can see the blobs of glue on the white muslin that is the support for the background fabric.

This is the glue I am using:

I squirt the glue on a white plastic disposable plate and then use a small flat paint brush to apply it. I learned this technique from Susan Carlson. I love it and now I use glue rather than fusibles in many cases.  Here is a photo of the plate and brush:

My next step is to make the buildings in the distance. That I'll save for my next post. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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