Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gaggle of Geese Design

My inspiration for this piece was a photograph on the cover of a local magazine that I saw in Smithers, British Columbia several years ago. I was on a fishing trip and the cover picture showed several geese walking across a road. I loved that image and always wanted to do my take on it.

I wanted to use my own geese images and drawings for the piece, so I pulled out photos I have taken of geese, and public domain images of geese I found on the Internet, and started to make several sketches of geese in different postures. They are not hard to draw, in fact, I see them as similar to a bowling pin. These are a couple of my sketched geese:

The next step was positioning them. I wanted it to look like they were in a group walking together, with some of them a little smaller than the others because they were further away.  I took my sketches and made copies of them at different size reductions. That way I had a variety of geese sizes to try out at different positions.

I tried several different arrangements of the geese to come up with one that suited what I had in mind. I then worked on a setting for the geese.  This was my drawing for the original idea I had, which was geese walking across a farmer's field. That did not pan out, and I'll talk about that in a future post.

Nevertheless, the layout of the geese in this sketch was what I ultimately used in my design.

I think my next post will be on the process I used to make the geese. Thank you for visiting my blog!

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