Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mixed Media!

Bud Vase, mixed media

I have experimented with mixed media art techniques off and on over the years. I really like the look of mixed-media art work, and would love to do more of it. The painting above is an example of one of my experiments with mixed media on a failed watercolor painting. It started as a watercolor painting of a bud vase in front of a fireplace. The vase and flower looked ok, but the background did not work. So I used mixed media techniques to change it.  I have stamped it, glued papers to it, and used pen and watercolor pencils. I am much happier with it now, after these changes. I still think I need to make the ink drawing of the vase and flower darker, though.

Last year I purchased this book on mixed-media techniques.

It has some great examples in it and I plan to try some of them out over the next few months. In particular I'm trying to find ways to incorporate fiber into my mixed-media work. I'll post some progress photos here from time to time to show you what I've come up with.

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