Friday, February 19, 2016

“From Matilda to Mary to Me “

Wedding Day photo

This is a photo of my Mother and my Grandmother on my Mother’s wedding day.  It shows my Grandmother, Matilda, giving my mother, Mary, some advice.  It was one of my favorite photos to look at when I was growing up.  My Mother used to make up stories about what the advice was that my Grandmother was giving her.  I always wanted to make an art quilt based on this photo, and now I have! Here is a picture of it:
"From Matilda to Mary to Me"

Do you have a bucket list of art quilts you want to make before you go on?  Well I do, and this was on it.  It's nice to have another item off that list! 

I wanted to give this piece an old time feeling and I tried to do that by adding fans and using lace in the wedding dress.  I’m going to do a few posts in the near future about the making of this art quilt and show some of it in more detail.

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