Thursday, January 14, 2016

Julia's Bonsai - Some Details...

I thought I'd show some details of the bonsai fiber art piece that I made at the end of 2015.

As I mentioned previously the bonsai image was printed on fabric. The fabric printed image is shown here.

I added borders to this image first. The white border is ultrasuede, and blue border is a denim tone-on-tone fabric. 

I then sandwiched the top and did quilting stitches on it. Here is a detail showing of some of the quilting stitches I used.

 I also did some thread painting  to enhance the foliage on the bonsai tree. Here is a photo of the thread painting. 

I used small zigzag stitches for the thread painting on the foliage. It helped to fill the area faster, and I like the appearance of those stitches better.

After the quilting was done I sewed a binding on the fiber art piece. I used a single layer of the denim fabric for the binding and hand stitched it down.

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