Sunday, August 30, 2015

From Cottons to Silks

Cotton fabric is wonderful on art quilts, especially when you are painting the fabric yourself. I use it for most backgrounds and painted pieces. It gives a smooth appearance that is clean looking. But.....

I love using more exotic fabrics on my art quilts. 

I know they have issues with fraying, or being flimsy, or too transparent, or too stiff, or whatever, but they add texture, visual interest, dimension, transparency and sheen to a piece. On this pelican piece I have used velvet, wool, raw silk, Japanese textiles, organza, metallic fabric, silk sari fabric, and the good old stand-by, cotton. I really love the variety of textures it gives to the piece.  I also love being able to shop for fabrics beyond the cotton sections. 

Velvet, wool, raw silk, Japanese textiles, cotton

Organza, metallics, raw silk, Japanese textiles

Sari fabric

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