Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Palm Canyon - Sky and Hills

Here's the next installment for the Palm Canyon landscape shown here. Today I am talking about the construction of the Sky and Hills:

Creating is usually a combination of excitement, doubts, fear and thrill.  To tamp down the doubts and fears I like to start with an easier task. In this case the sky and hills were the easiest area to work on, so that is where I started. After laying the sky fabric at the top of the muslin background, I cut out my hill shapes on freezer paper using the enlarged drawing as my pattern.  Here are some of the freezer paper hills shapes.

The next step involved selecting fabrics for each hill shape. I used my color plan to guide me and pulled out various fabrics from those pulled for this quilt. Once the hill fabric was chosen I ironed the freezer paper on the fabric, cut the shape out and placed it on the background muslin. I used a light glue to temporarily hold the piece in place. Here are some photographs showing the work in progress:

 This photo shows the sky fabric and several hills in pinned in place.

After stitching some of the hills down I went to the next hill area and filled it in. Here you can see that the orange hill is stitched down and the lower hills are pinned in place.

This photo shows some of the hills after they are machine quilted. My next post will talk about how I added some details to the hills. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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