Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Cup Ranneth All Over... - Painting the Main Objects

I'm continuing the description of how I made this 12" x 12" mini fiber art piece that I call "My Cup Ranneth All Over the Patio". My last post showed the background fabric and tracings that I had done of the bird and cup outlines. It also described the inks I used to paint. 

Below you see the painted images of the main subjects. These are the steps I used to paint the images:

1) Paint around the border of the traced images with "No Flow". This product prevents bleeding into the surrounding fabric.

2) After the No Flow dried, I painted the bird bodies using a light reddish brown ink mixed with painting medium. I used Jo Sonja's Textile Medium for this. Some of the background color was already in the bird body area, so I didn't have to add too much of this ink. 

3) Next step was to paint the shadow areas of the birds using a mixture of dark blues, dark brown reds and a touch of purple.  I also painted the shadow areas of the cup with a similar mixture. These mixtures were blended with  painting medium before applying to the fabric.

4) Lastly,  I added some mid value colors to the feet, beaks, feathers and cup areas.

Here is the painting at this stage:

The objects look good to me, although they are floating in space. I need to ground them by putting some shadows beneath the birds and cup. I like my light source coming from the right, so that was what I depicted here. The shadows were painted using the same paint mixture I used on the dark areas of the birds and cup.

Next post will cover setting the inks, rinsing, basting, etc.

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