Friday, July 19, 2013

A Slice of the OC - the Finished Product

And here you see the finished art quilt I call "A Slice of the OC". Once again I will be teaching a class showing how to make this quilt on August 17th at Flying Geese Fabric Store in Tustin. If you are interested in learning some art quilt techniques and having a fun wall hanging to show for your efforts, please sign up!

I like to have uneven edges for my cityscapes. It makes them EDGIER! (Yes - that is a joke, and its also true!). I started uneven edges on my first city scape.  I liked the buildings along the perimeter and couldn't bear to cut half of them off to get a straight edge. One of the artistic thoughts I learned in a class with Ricky Tims was,' If you hear yourself thinking- "I wonder what would happen if I did ..."  - do it!'  So, I  cut along the horizontal and vertical building sides to see how it looked, and thought, "hey that's cool looking". That's where it all started. My husband however doesn't really appreciate the uneven edges. He is an engineer and it conflicts with his sensibilities. Oh well! You have to please yourself with art.

The idea of putting a binding on the uneven edges is too much for me, and the same goes with facing. Hence the couched yarn along the edge.  I have inserted below some close ups of some of this piece. I hope you like it! It was a fun, quick project.

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