Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A New City Scape

Building Ideas
I have been asked to teach an art quilting class at Flying Geese Fabrics in Tustin. The class will be taught in the fall, giving me time to make a sample to hang in the store and get class sign-ups. I brought in art quilts I have made and the owners of the store liked a city scape I had done previously of Seattle. I decided to make a new city scape using fabrics from the store, and based on "The OC". I thought this would have more appeal than Seattle for those of us that live here. Its also a good excuse to make a new piece.

I have lived in Orange County for many decades and have several favorite buildings and areas I love. I searched for images of these areas on the web, and pulled out photos of my own. This photo shows some of the buildings and cityscapes I used to give me ideas for my design.

My next step was to meld these ideas together into one drawing. I made building cut outs and reduced/enlarged them on copy paper. I cut these out and then started to arrange and re-arrange them until I got a design that pleased me. The drawing below shows my intended design. It is a little heavy on the right side, so I intend to add more to the left side to balance it. But, its a good start and has most of the elements I want. On to the next step - enlarging the drawing to full size. Thank goodness for Fed Ex Office.

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Design Drawing

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