Friday, April 26, 2013

SAQA Auction Piece - Natures Energy Drink II

Nature's Energy Drink II
 If this looks familiar it is because I made one a few months ago for my Serendipity exchange group. That was Nature's Energy Drink I.   I wanted to make something to donate to the SAQA auction, so I decided to make a second one and send it to them. This is the finished product and it was sent off to SAQA last week.

I started this by doing a painting on fabric using Tsukeniko Inks and Inktense pencils. The fabric was already variegated, so I made that the background. I drew the image with Frixion pens. If you haven't used these, you can draw on fabric with them, they don't bleed, and the ink goes away with the heat from an iron. Next I painted the image. I mixed the inks and pencils with aloe vera gel, which is my favorite fabric painting method.

painting before quilting

Once the painting was done I sandwiched it and did the machine quilting. You can see the details of the quilting here and in the top photo. After the quilting I added eyelash yarn, and did a satin stitch on two of the edges. The final step was beading on the flowers and around the beak of my hummingbird. I hope someone likes it well enough to purchase it at the auction!

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Beading Detail

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  1. Love this delicate work. The placement of beads makes the flowers "real".