Monday, October 15, 2012

My current project

Lately I've been working on a commission to create a lithologic landscape for a person working in the environmental regulatory field. They want the piece to depict surface activities that have the potential to affect water quality, and to show the subsurface strata (lithology). This is my sketch of the piece, and I've tried to include many activities that someone in the business of protecting groundwater quality deals with. These include farming, service stations, dry cleaners, oil storage, and plain old surface run-off. I have groundwater monitoring wells and some leaks that have seeped into the subsurface. I spent 20 years as an environmental consultant, so these things are all near and dear to me. I will post updates of this project as it progresses. It is a fun project to work on!
Lithologic Landscape Sketch


  1. Eileen, This promises to be an astounding work. I'll sure look forward to watching it develop.

  2. I am really Wowed by the project! You are the perfect artist to take it on. I know it is going to be fantastic!